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  1. Great video, love the choices amd explainations. I am fostering a cat who has a chronic teary discharge in one eye. Doesn't seem to bother him. Which of these treatments would you recommend i start with?

  2. I have a 1 year old white and orange striped tabby and the day I offered to foster him and his brother they were both given to me sickly with no vet medication until I mentioned it. I was told I wouldn’t have to come outta pocket to help this program foster out kittens well that’s not how it happened. I had to take this little guy to the emergency vets at 3 am because I was completely unaware that eyes issues aren’t a real cause for concern to most vet offices they literally has a list of things they dem or concerning than other but I guess losing your sense of sight isn’t not on the top priority for them. I was very upset to learn that and then they smacked me with a 300 vet bill. I had to drive to that emergency vet off which was 3 hours from me.. at 3 am with a hurting bloody eye at the time wasn’t ideal. I have a huge heart and at that moment I couldn’t stand the idea of giving him or is brother to anyone else. Especially having to pay for his vetting before adopting him and his brother. ANYWAY I still had to take him in another time for the same medication each vet prescribed for him. He still has a leaky and puff eye. I do everything I can to easy his discomfort. I just want to be certain if I buy this product that it won’t cause him any more harm. Please someone help me and my poor fur babies!!!

  3. What a wonderful blessing and encouragement you are Dr Igudia. I don’t have words to thank you enough, I blessed the day I came across your YouTube channel, I’m free from my herpes infection, victory at last.

  4. I mix L Lysine powder and a powder mix to support feline eyes (dr Mercola) into every dry food bag feed our feral cat colonies and it has really cut back on their eye infections – feline herpes is rampant in NYC feral cats.

  5. Thank you Dr Jones! Using colloidal silver as a drop works especially well. You mentioned people talking about Argyria, but studies (Food and Drug Administration Adverse Event Reporting System, Center for Food Safety) have shown that, in order for Argyria to even be a possibility, the 'patient' has had to use chronically for years (median use 2 years). Also, that cases of Argyria have been found in those people using home made colloidals, ie. 'moonshine silver'. Using silver is safe and very, very effective. I have used it to treat family and fur family over the decades, without any issues. But I don't make it myself. 🤗

  6. My cat passed away july 2023 but i still watch you because i get ideas for my own health, and to educate family and friends with natural animal remedies. I have late stage bartonella and this is exactly what happens to my eyes. I do have mycoplasma too.

  7. Question from a new subscriber and the question has nothing to do with this video subject, but answer it please: its OK to give Panacur to a senior dog with metastase lung cancer? Thank you!

  8. My one cat has had discharge only, no swelling or redness or irritation. I put them
    All on vitamins and supplements and fish oil. Another cat started having urinary issues before the supplements arrived, that
    Is cleared up already by supplementing.
    I will try the tea, ty.

  9. I know for allergies or colds it's best to use local honey as your bees get the pollen from plants pollen around you that are causing your or your beloved furry family allergies… So buying local produced honeys are best; yet, any honey will work, not just as quick. 🦋

  10. My dog ended up with some sort of eye infection after he was rolling in the dirt one time.
    The doc gave us some antibiotic drops which we used as directed for 5 days and it actually just got worse.
    I then started to treat him with my colloidal silver twice a day and by the next day it was already better, and by day 3 it was completely cleared up.
    We kept him on it for 2 more days just to make sure it was all cleared up and he was fine.
    I am really losing faith in our veterinary community so you have been a breath of fresh air for me for years.
    Thank you!❤

  11. I really appreciate all your efforts Dr Igudia, you have always made sure my health is 100% safe with your herbal medicine, this Genital Herpes is something I’ll forever be grateful for, your commitment and service are highly appreciated sir.

  12. Viral eye infection green tea so if a cow comes down with the bird flu their only symptom I was told they get is a runny eye so this could be a good treatment to remember if it does come up thanks ❤

  13. You have to have two cotton wool balls or bits of gauze so you don't cross contaminate the individual eyes. Ideally you should wash your hands thoroughly before starting on the second eye. I have used the saline compress and solution to great effect in myself, horses and just about every domestic or local wildlife you can think of (foxes, feral cats, pigeons etc). It nearly always gives some relief and can put it (conjunctivitis) away entirely. I tend to look for natural remedies for every day things and use plants and foodstuffs to support immune response in all the animals who come into my sphere of influence. Obviously I do get help from certain animal charities to treat things like mange and any injuries that would require veterinary care. They will supply cage traps to take any really sickly animals to their facilities. Over the years I've built up a good relationship with them and supply photos to get the appropriate mange meds (Ivermectin etc) sent to me for use with the foxes. At present I have a pair of seemingly bonded youngsters who I have successfully treated since December and both have got rid of the awful crusty eyes, and bald patches and are looking like beautiful, healthy young foxes now (well Babyvee, the vixen, is slightly behind as I initially thought I had one mange stricken youngster but it was 2 on closer inspection. They come together now for food etc. and the male is looking amazing with Babyvee coming along very nicely too. I downloaded your book and subscribed to yournewsletter, its really good and will perfectly compliment my books on herbal medicines. Thank you❤

  14. I’ve suffered Herpes infection and felt it taste of bitterness ever since my childhood,I’m so grateful to doctor Igudia for putting an end to the situation with his herbal natural medication

  15. I use colloidal silver. You're probably not allowed to recommend that but that's what works for me and everyone I know for any eye infection.
    The green tea is a good tip, a lot of people might try that if they're afraid their cat will turn blue! LOL

  16. Thank you, so much, Molly gets pink eye from the black clay soil, I've used both honey, and green tea and quercentin last year after seeing previous clips of your. They help us manage the infection. Molly is a shihtzu dog…..

  17. Hey if anyone could get back to me that would be great

    I have a cat who had to go under surgery for a clear out of his Urethra He's acting fine and everything, but right now. It seems like whenever he's in a warm space, he's peeing is that ok? And also the back of his legs are covered in cat. Litter from probably his pee. And I know that we have to make sure he doesn't get infected again. I was thinking that maybe a warm bath could help loosen some things and keep him clean. I can't reach my vet rn so I need some help…

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