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  1. Here in OK ive heard mixed reviews on Cookies. Small time growers around here grow some pretty decent stuff! I only really like prerolls if im traveling and stop somewhere and need something quick or whatever but id much rather roll a blunt. But prerolls are big hit or miss. You made me realise to look at the pick date and package date.

  2. Everyone in Cali says the craft cannabis is where it’s at and that cookies is mids in Mylar. Honestly i feel blessed with our PA medical program expensive but you can always find something good

  3. There’s this new brand called “Strane” at my go to dispo “Liberty” right outside of Pittsburgh, they have a strain called “Dragonfly” and bro, I just hope n pray you get to sample some! 32% THC Love ur channel duder! 🤘🏼🔥

  4. Great video as always thanks for the review. Hey I'm a pa card holder keep your eye for organic remedies for 45 a cut shit is fire man love the 4 I tryed grape cake, Mellon juice, marshmallow og, cherry ak47 there all hard mugs an great for a rough cut didint have many steams no leaf love this company

  5. Cookies is the most poser shit company. Some of the worst weed I ever had was their overpriced garbage. Also I have a strict no pre roll policy its always a bunch of leaves in there give you a throat burn and a headache but no high.

  6. things he said at beginning to explain the eighth: "wow that smells really good", "super sticky", "it smells AMAZING", "very gassy, really dank smelling weed", a bunch of perfect nugs" things he said at the end of the video to explain the eighth: "this weed is super dry and not very impressive" "nothing to brag about"
    very contradicting information

  7. Gary payton is supposed to be purple lol, like a dark purple. My friend has family in Humboldt and they get seeds from Berner's seed plug. The gary payton he gave me was better than any dispensery weed ive ever gotten fr. Local grown is always the way

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