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  1. I just get what ever I can lol. I feel like Drew has been way too spoilt and is a bit snobby about weed but ya know maybe im just jealous i often get nameless shit in a penny bag 😂

  2. It should of been legalised all over the world when bob marley was alive i had a bad time in my teens bob marley and bud changed my life if it want for bud i would of gone insane and down the wrong path i joined the army when i left i picked up where i left off been a chilled out guy ever since i suffer ptsd and it heals my mind sorry about my writing peeps not one of my strong points hope youve all add a good easter weekend my stoner brothers and sisters godbless 🤘🤘🤘🤘💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🙏✌️✌️✌️🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶

  3. USA need to get more top shelf all over. But there's so many people selling good stuff for better prices but it's pgr growing. The state bud is good if you know your terp. There use Tobe a strain called 4way that was fire. If anyone knows where that strain let me know

  4. If you made the effort to get in with some growers you wouldn't have the problem of waiting. Also.how can you accept buying weed from cali which has gone from this man to the next and the price accordingly rises yet you b1tch about having to do that with uk, like you think you deserve to pay the growers price when you're getting your little zed meanwhile grower dude typically sells it to someone who can but the full 50 zeds on offer. That's why you pay more, you aren't buying anyone's full crop. You prefer to be an arrogant poser slamming all uk as reggie rather than cultivate relationships with a grower network SMH

  5. სალამი ძმა.მე საქართველოდან გწერ,ღვინის სამშობლოდან.სათხოვარიმაქვს შენთან ძმაო.თუ შეგიძლია ჩემი დახმარება,,მე ალკოჰოლდამოკიდებული ვარ და საკმაოდ დაავანტყოფებული დალევის გამო.მინდოდა გამეზარდა რამდენიმე ბუჩქი,მაგრამ პოლიციასთან დამაბეზღა ვიღაც ნაბიჭვარმა და.. მოკლედ,ციხეს კი გადავურჩი(თავი მოვიგიჟიანე),თუმცა დავრჩი მოსაწევის გარეშე რაც იმას ნიშნავს რომ ისევ შარში ვარ.შენ თუ შეგიძლია დამეხმარე და გამომიგზავნე რამე.არც მე დაგრჩები ვალში ჩემის მხრიდან,20 ლიტრა ხვანჩკარა და კიდევ რამერუმეები ჩემზე იყოს.მადლობა წინასწარ.მაგარი კაცი ხარ. მოკითხვა ჩვენი პატარა ქვეყნიდან,რომელსაც საქართველო ჰქვია.მე ლეო მქვია

    გუგლმა ვერ გადამითარგმნა ეს მესიჯი,,აზრს ცვლის გუგლი.თესლი მაინც,კაცურად გთხოვ.ჩვენთან ნაგავს ყიდიან კაკლების მაგივრად.ბოზები

  6. Full of sh*t, talking you out of your hoop to kids who don't know any better. You guys obviously and I mean OBVIOUSLY know zero about cultivation. There are two scenes now buddy, yours and ours. I really don't mean this with serious animosity mate, I just hate misinformation and especially when it comes to the mother erb. You will be paying 120 on the 3.5 and loving it soon, that is what aggressive marketing does to the younger generations buddy. You must know that there is really no such thing as "UK" on a botanical level right? you MUST know that.

    I am in touch with far too many grows to take that seriously.

  7. Some beautiful ass cauliflower 😂😂 in all seriousness the fact that as an American I’ve understood this without asking before most people in UK is kind of astounding. Like how I realize UK growers don’t come out with their products often, before people actually in UK did? Lmao honestly probably bc I see Drew smoking on Cali for years….. and especially because it was illegal such a short time ago, HOPE EVERYONE IN UK GOES MEDICAL, so that the rest of your country can go RECREATIONAL, too!

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