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  1. Diatomaceous earth has a warning on it for the gardeners to avoid breathing it in. Isn't cats are in increased danger because they stick their nose into their fur and also licking it off? It could also block the kidney's glomerular filtration system.

  2. The vaccines cause liver/ kidney failure..after year 9..I've had cats for over 40 years the outside ferral cats that I finnally let inside, lived the longest17yrs + and acted looked healthier than vaccinated young cats …90% of vets are just monies grabbers .

  3. Thank you. great information. (new sub here) . I just adopted a cat from a local shelter. she is about a year old. She was eating kibble at the shelter, and I wanted to get her off of it asap, there is nothing good about kibble.. She wont eat ANYTHING. not canned cat food, I tried many brands, not sardines, not grass fed ground beef, not pork, or chicken, or liver. She is so fussy. She won't eat anything other than kibble.
    She is so much fun ,, such a smart cat, I play with her for hours every day, throwing her favorite toy, a crumpled up paper ball. I am going to build her a cat wall to keep her entertained,,, But I want her to eat healthy food.!! I guess I need to not give in to her, and let her go hungry.? she did eat a little bit of chicken and a little chicken liver once, when I roasted a local farm rai$ed chicken. She won't touch any left over. it's frustrating. I don't have a clue what to try next. Cats can be so fussy.. I won't give up.! (=^;^=)

  4. My first cat was 18 or 19, not exactly how old she was we adopted her from a shelter only ever had one episode of illness with her and she came through like a champ. I have another rescue and so far so good she's about eleven i used to take her outside on a leash and I would use flea drops on her through out the summer. She would get too scared going out so I stopped and one time she got out without me knowing scared me to death since I had had her declawed and not because I wanted to, but had to according to my lease, which shortly afterwards they stopped requiring thankfully. And of course she is spayed absolutely believe in this. She drinks lots of water every day and only eats dry cat food, been offering her the senior formula, she always has refused the canned food and she isn't a mooch either. Our first one loved pizza, potato chips and yogurt Activia to be exact. Had this one to the vet for rabies vaccine it was awful for her and the shot she received seems to be for only a year which really upset me too. Think I'm going to have to do some research about this, my understanding of rabies can be carried in on our shoes and that's a way some animals get sick. Thanks for all the thoughtfulness and insight.

  5. My 1 cat is 12, he's a a large 16# long haired black beauty. Over the last 2 years, a couple times a year he's getting big mats throughout his hair. He's never done this, and as I work on combing and cutting them out, he's so full of dandruff. His hair and skin has never been like this. Do you have any insight of what could be happening and some advice. He's never been a self groomer. He's always let that up to me and his cat mama

  6. Thank u thank u for saying important things about nutrition: moisture, obligate carnivores, wet poultry based food. I have a degree in animal nutrition then went to vet school. I was alarmed at the hold on vet students and schools, by pet food companies who sell their foods based on their own research – conflict of interest. I believe research must always be evaluated on its own merit, and when the researcher is benefitting financially from the work, met with objective skepticism too. When I would speak up against hi carb dry foods and talk about cat metabolism (ie how cats rely on fat as an energy source and dont do well on carbs because of pancreatic stress), I was met with hostility. Eventually bullying and unfair, unethical tactics by instructors and admin forced me out after I had passed everything including the board exam. My own cats have been eating only poultry wet for years and have normal urinalyses. Thank u for your opinion re vaccines too. Laura.

  7. My female, indoor, Siamese will be 20 years old February 8! 😍 Feed raw chicken and turkey with added ingredients, and dehydrated protein soaked with water as a treat. Some holistic people recommend giving pets a 20 minute epson salt/baking soda 100 degree bath. I tried it once, and still thinking about it. I'm my own home care pet person…thanks in part to your helpful advice. Thanks!

  8. 😢😭😭😭 i cannot find a vet to treat my cld old man and on social security it's so hard. I fear i will lose him prematurely and i wish there was an organization for help for people with disabilities and cost adjustments. For example 500 bucks plus to fix a kitten in my area of 44k people and they hate cats here it's so frustrating. Everyone I've seen won't even take his blood without gabapentin to drug him unnecessarily. Idk what to do as ive not stopping crying since i saw rhe first signs. This will be my 3rd cat I've gone through this with. To ger a line and SQ is now impossible unlike the early 90s and 2000s. I pray everyday for a miracle this is my companion and esa animal and i have no more family left. I just wish that someone could give me some direction as funds are so non existent. 😢

  9. Could you show us some close up pictures of the problems in cat's teeth so we can better detect the problems? I want to get my cat's teeth cleaned but I'm not sure how necessary it is and I'm also worried that they will want to vaccinate him with the rabies shot at least if I take him in. Do you recommend any vaccines when they are young if they go out in the yard but stay close?

  10. Thanks for your videos what I'm wondering is if I'm feeding my cat a food that has added vitamins could he get too much of some nutrients by adding your supplement? I also wonder if I make my own food for him will your supplement provide enough of what he needs? Also, if you add calcium carbonate would the calcium be distributed in the soft tissues? Do you need Vitamin K2 like people do? If you use eggshell would it have everything the cat needs would it be a better form than calcium carbonate? Thanks

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