Far-Right Extremists are Infiltrating the US Elections | Decade of Hate

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People with links to militias and extremist groups are typically known for their anti-government views. But many are now standing …

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  1. Answer to your Title … Far left extremists have destroyed the country from within…. Sheltered groups like Antifa as an "idea"… Blm as peaceful protesters etc…. What has the "far right" done in these last 3 years ?… NOTHING!!!!! and dont say Jan 6 because anyone with a brain knows that the whole story is a farce …..

  2. Absolute bullshit. It seems anyone not voting for the democrats is suddenly far right. Why not do a real research into the corruption in the democrat ranks. Starting with Biden and pelosi.

  3. The issue is, most of Americans are quite ignorant and religious making them perfect victims for brainwashing narcissists like Donald Trump. USA needs a strong, free, high quality education system that instills critical thinking in it's students if they want to fix these foundational issues the country has

  4. This country needs to go back to its roots/foundation: constitutional republic, not to continue with democracy. If anyone actually looks back and sees how civilizations have fell, it was because of democracy

  5. Alright vice, you guys have been putting out good content again and here y'all go again getting into politics. ENOUGH! Politics is not what gave y'all success and its past time for y'all to get off of it!!!

  6. "Right wing extremists are infiltrating… " While Left wing has done so openly without anyone questioning it… I've come to hate politics and any sides involved in it… But the lack of unbiased reporting in doing this video without seeing any irony in doing so does not go overlooked….

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