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  1. Whaaat? I have always used it and took stock in it I have so much in my fridge for that just in case, living in Mexico you can't get it, so I bought a lot of way back when. I have never had a skin reaction in all breeds I have rescued over the years and the wounds always healed rapidly. Hmmmmm. Wow.

  2. I use castor oil on my dog and it instantly stops her from scratching for a few days. She’s tiny, so I am always checking her as soon as I bring her inside after pee pee, and wash off all her paws otherwise she’ll start chewing on them. I’m sure she’s allergic to grass and the dew in the morning.

  3. Dr. My wonderful Fur Buddy was diagnosed with CCD. Bless his Precious Heart. I can't even begin to tell you how devastated I am. Luke and I have been apart of your community since the very beginning. I'm wondering if you would be able to do a video on this topic. I thought of a lot of things that would happen has he moved on to his later years but never considered the day might come when he won't know who I am. I know you can understand how it's tearing me up inside. He's just in the early stages but I worked for people with dementia for years and Anna where it's impossible to know how quickly or slowly things can progress. He has been prescribed acepromazine when he is really struggling or I need to take him somewhere as he is a big boy. And a venti joint and brain chews to be taken daily. I think it would be helpful for your viewers to be aware that this is a possibility. I have had many elderly dogs and although they had normal cognitive difficulties as they age it certainly didn't start this young. He's only eight. Many thanks.

  4. I used betadine and eventually had to get him in a cone since he wouldn't stop licking no matter what I used. Does this stuff help more or do you always have to cone your dog?

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