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  1. Highigan! Tips to remember as a beginner your first time growing photos! Some things we recommend you keep in mind when starting your first grow of photo plants! We have focused mainly on autos since we started the channel but diving back into photos these are our top tips to remember when growing photos that can impact your grow! Comment your top tips below!

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  2. Hey guys i love ur video it has alot of good information but i have to disagree with the autos not handling the topping and fimming i,cause i top and fim my plants all the and i run regular autoflowers and they will veg out for up to 18 weeks and get 3.5 feet round and five to 5.5 feet tall and the genetics i use are Aussie genetics there are more stable then some of the well known brands ,i stress my autos out to where they should hermie but they never do .but i love ur video guys

  3. Made the mistake of flipping too late last time and they ended up topping out just beneath the highest possible grow light position. Had to turn down the light strength because the top buds and sugar leaves were getting blasted. Lesson learned. Current grow (clones) were flipped when they were a foot shorter than the original.

  4. Perfect timing! I’ve been doing autos for so long, I’m 5 weeks from seed on my first round of photos. Hopefully you’ll be posting the seed to harvest soon! 🙏🏻

    Also, for your sign lighting, try lowering your camera iso or aperture to expose for the sign & background lights, then raise the power of light for your faces. That should help properly expose everything.

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