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  1. My suggestion is talk about the do's and don'ts on how to keep your dog as healthy as possible from puppy til old age. Most common mistakes you see animal owners make in your practice as a veterinarian! Thank you!!!

  2. Wonderful Dr Jones, I love your channel and my dog is still here because of you. I know this is a older video but keep up the good work. Trying all your treatments for Honey’s kidney disease but would love to know why she still wakes up panting in the early hours?
    Can we learn more about toxins? 🙏❤️❤️🐶

  3. Hello I just found your channel and I love it!! Thank you for sharing all these helpful things for our animals, I would like to see more on making cat food and what daily supplements we should give our cats to prevent things like uti and keep our babies healthy. Thanks so much

  4. I have heard so much good on ivermectin, would love your thoughts on it treating cancer in dog's? You are amazing. I own 9 German Shepherds and one rescue. I love my German Shepherds 💫🐾💫

  5. Dr. Jones I just subscribed to your channel, honestly I found because I was desperately searching for a remedy for my dog. I’m following your suggestions on how to stop the itching and I am making his food. Please don’t stop because as with me there’s always someone that needs you. I would like to see more videos on dog food recipes . Thank you so much.

  6. Doc Jones, plse do videos with info on diabetes mellitus for dogs. I have a diabetic Lab & despite diet changes, & insulin he's already 70% blind. he was diagnosed on 10/30/21. it's an expensive illness & im on social security. plse do videos that help with the various problems that diabetic dogs have & how to help them. thank u so much

  7. I just found you while searching for ACL information for my dogo argentino and ended up watching tons of your videos. I'm not only subscribing but sharing with others. I currently need any advice possible because it appears he tore both ACL's and I'm currently waiting for the orthopedic vet to call with an appointment. Also any videos on allergies would be great.

  8. As a kitty and pug mama…and Living in the country…how about snake bite or bee sting remedy to use when u can’t get ahold of ur vet “after hrs”
    Can you u do series on breeding recommendations for sire dam n pups. To become more of a reputable breeder…the importance of DNA testing…maybe fading puppy syndrome
    I love the short videos…but a longer educational one on a specific topic would be wonderful as well!

  9. I'm Patricia my dogs name is Keylo he's 12yrs old now.
    We have run into a very frustrating and exhausting afflictions.
    Well here I go. We both have scabies and he has an ongoing ear infection. I do not have money, fixed income . I hate seeing him un happy it breaks my Heart. He also gets very nervous, Can you please . Give me a few ideas that I can do for him to calm him and cure his ear Infection. i would really love some different flavors of dog food you make . Home remedies to cure scabies in both of us. How about how to training them better behavior and tricks for them. Please !

    Patricia Alvarez
    Keylo Alvarez

  10. Hello Dr Jones. Try to ignore the mean people, they have issues which is why they are mean. You are providing a positive and important informational service to us. I appreciate you and your channel. So thank you! I would love to see a couple videos on veggies and herbs that are safe for dogs; how often is it okay to bath your dog;. I have a 14 year old resuce Pomeranian, he has cancer. I am sorry for the loss of your mother-in-law. May God strength and comfort you and your wife. Again, thank you, I am grateful for your channel.

  11. I’m both… cat mom( Ragdoll) and dog mom
    (Chocolate Lab). I love your videos. Ever since we moved to the lake in Minnesota, my dog has chronic ear infections, hot spots, redness between her toes. Help!!!

  12. Hi there! First of all, I support your making such a sacrifice to be one of the few to continue to stand up to big pharma and those who suppress what is ultimately in the best interest of the people, animals, and the rest of our environment! I'm a dog owner and would love to see more videos on how to make balanced homemade meals for my pup, as I've been making his food for the past several years. Thanks again for all you do!!! In love and light, Erica & Mr. Little Boy

  13. You are the Greatest! I am a pet parent of a 17 & 1/2 year old Pomeranian named Kawalah. I have been subscribed to you & your methods for nearly 4 years or more. The suggestion of a video of the ultimate care of our Senior Fur-babies. Kawalah has cataracts and I believe he only sees light and some movement. He has adapted to his sight loss very nicely, he does get a bit confused and forgets his paths and tends to panic. What more can I do for my precious baby. He is pretty healthy with occasional bouts of arthritis He no longer wants to be picked up or held.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I am signed up for your web seminar, really looking forward to seeing you on there! God Bless you and your family!🙏❤️

  14. Hi Dr. Jones, I’m so happy I found your channel. I have a 12 year old small silky terrier mix, Oscar. He was very lethargic and taken for an abdominal ultrasound. Our vet found not only a gallbladder filled with sludge but his pericardium full of blood. Oscar underwent a cholecystectomy and a tap that drained 50 ml of blood from the pericardium. Hemangiosarcoma was suspected. We heard about Panacur C for treating cancer and that is how we found you. Oscar is doing well right now, the bleeding has stopped totally and we are continuing your suggested regiment.

    I’d like to see some videos dealing with special dietary needs, such as post cholecystectomy, kidney disease and diets for vomiting and diarrhea.

    Thank you so much for what you are doing!

    Lori aka Morgans Mom

  15. Can we see some content for elderly male dogs and their penis issues not retracting back in the shaft and getting stuck. I’ve been at a complete loss as to what to do for my dog and no one really has a solution

  16. Thank you Dr Jones! I am an all animal person but currently only have 2 dogs. One of our boys was just diagnosed with osteosarcoma a few days ago. Your videos have been wonderful. It makes me feel like I can do more than nothing while keeping him comfortable in his last days. I have a shred of hope now (the cancer appears to be in his lungs already and they believe it is moving really fast in him since he had just developed a limp). I enjoy short and long videos. Really just need simplified information on how to keep our healthy furfriends healthy with different supplements. Thank you for all that you do!

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